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All Songs by Tim Gorman
Except tracks 1,5,13,23,25
Produced by Tim Gorman
& Stephen Jarvis
Recorded & Mixed by Stephen Jarvis
on the Skywalker Scoring Stage, 2007
Additional ProTools Recording
& Editing Engineers: Judy Kirschner,
Dann Thompson, John Schmipt
& John Greenham
Mastering Engineer: John Greenham

Tim Gorman: Acoustic Piano
Kirk Casey: Acoustic Guitar backing on tracks 5,7,9,11,13,15

Cover & background art by Prairie Prince

Released 2007 on TimTone Productions

Recording equipment & microphones provided by Stephen Jarvis: High-End Audio Consulting Service
Didrik De Geer tube microphones & custom microphone preamp by Manibus Didrik De Geer-Eterna Musicae
High Resolution topology 10x4 line mixer by George Massenburg Labs
Playback electronics, monitoring design and engineering implementation by Tim Marutani: Marutani Consulting
Custom interconnects & microphone cables courtesy of Bruce Brisson: Music Interface Technologies
Acoustic pianos by Bluthner

Cowboy has a flow front to back and made use of short interlude pieces between several of the tracks. Listen to the CD while alone reading a book or other quiet activity.

"The album was recorded with just mics. Actually much of the recording was live to two track stereo into Pacific Microsonics Model Two converter producing HDCD masters at 96kHz/24bit. No extra reverb, no EQ, no compression on the 96kHz/24bit masters. Several of the tracks in the middle of the record were recorded with multiple mics mixed live through a GML HRT 9100 line mixer. The CD was mastered through Euphonix/Pacific Microsonics Model Two HDCD converters by John Greenham with very conservative processing."

--Stephen Jarvis, co-producer & engineer